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PAPER: Protecting Our Children from the Ravages of Nicotine - SNUS is Coming

Menthol and Tobacco Smoking

News - SNUS (Smokeless, Spitless Moist Snuff)

NO to Smokeless, Spitless Tobacco – It’s the Kids…

Direct Relationship: Healthy Lungs - Healthy Life

You're in Charge of Your Own Health

Prevent Tobacco Advertising to Our Youth - Candy-Flavored Cigarettes
Alcohol-Flavored Cigarettes using flavors to sweeten the poison

With A Little Effort Every Youngster Can Succeed

High Price of Drugs for Elderly and Poor

Now is the Time for Price Controls on Prescription Drugs

Cancer Prevention - Window of Opportunity

Peppermint/Menthol - Asthma, EIA and IBS

Collection of Unopened Cigarette Packs

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Recent Papers:
Garten and Falkner. Continual smoking of mentholated cigarettes may mask the early warning symptoms of respiratory disease. Preventive Medicine volume 37, October 2003, pages 291-296.

Garten and Falkner. Role of mentholated cigarettes in increased nicotine dependence and greater risk of tobacco-attributable disease. Preventive Medicine volume 38, June 2004, pages 793-798.

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